Speck Presidio Perfect-Clear MICROBAN Apple iPhone 14 Plus (Clear)

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The transparent Presidio Perfect-Clear case is made of plastic that does not discolour when exposed to UV light. A special coating ensures that the Speck case does not turn yellow and looks like new at all times. The case is also drop-proof from up to 4 metres and has a raised screen bezel to provide extra protection for the display on the Apple iPhone. The original Perfect-Clear protective case also offers MICROBAN® antimicrobial protection (the world leader in antimicrobial solutions with a broad portfolio of over 25 approved technologies). The active ingredient built into the structure of the case stops 99%25 of the bacteria that accumulate on the surface of the case. MICROBAN® technology thus provides lifelong protection against stain- and odour-causing bacteria and works on a cellular level to keep the case clean. Product features: - Speck's most transparent case - Material resistant to UV discolouration - Withstands drops from heights of up to 4 metres - MICROBAN® active antimicrobial protection - Combats 99%25 of bacteria that accumulate on the surface of the case - Raised screen and camera frame - Compatible with Qi wireless chargers - Does not block Apple Pay contactless payments - Compatible with Apple MagSafe charger